The world is changing so fast. Everyone is busy with their daily routine tasks. In doing so, the security threats have increased. Many people find no time to provide security to their valuable assets, family, and property. Therefore, they install a security system for protection. But still, the security system cannot fulfill the physical requirement of security. Security guards are efficient in every manner and can also satisfy the security system requirement. Moreover, they can also observe the security system to deter crimes. They have the legal authority to perform any activity that causes insecurity and threats.

Govt issues the license for security guards when they become certified guards. Security guards in any provision of law and regulations carry the force of law. They got status in society according to rules and regulations assigned by the court ruling. Security guards are ordinary persons like other members of the community, but when they have got to provide some duties regarding security. The government has imposed some rules for them to act accordingly in society. Their duties and responsibilities are to protect people and deter crimes in a specific area.

What do you understand when you hear the word "security guard"?

A security guard is a person who provides security to people and property. Private and government organizations hire security guards for several reasons. Security issues have become common, and the need for security guards has become vital. Whether you install a security system, the need for a physical security guard remains. Many people hire security guards from a good security guard company in Sydney for businesses, shops, houses, and other places.

In some cases, their duties do not include monitoring the security system, security patrolling, and assisting the people and employees. They have restricted authorities as they are not part of the joint police force. According to the rules and given references, they can do the following tasks:

  • Order a person to leave the place
  • Arrest any person if they detect a crime 
  • Search the person requiring

In most cases, guards are not allowed to keep pistols and armor. They can use the baton for security purposes. However, private security guards must have a license to provide any kind of duty. Because in most cases, companies hire local people, train them as security guards and give licenses to them. After they leave the job, their license expires. On the other hand, when the army officers retire, they seek a job as private security guards. So, the government has made it essential for every company to hire a security guard, and hiring a license is necessary.

A private security guard having a license can arrest any criminal

Security guards have authorities to arrest citizens if they see them committing any crime. Their license as private security guards makes them able to perform this duty. According to the government orders, all the guards with a license can arrest any person for deterring the crimes.

While security guards cannot arrest anyone without seeing a crime, the police officers may do so if they have reasonable suspicion. They need to notice the specific crime. Furthermore, it's important to remember that "arrest" refers to a suspect's confinement. Most of the time, private guards are subject to the same standards as regular residents.

An arrest like this is known as a citizen's arrest. It comprises the guard apprehending the offender or trespasser and promptly informing the law enforcement to conduct an appropriate arrest. The constraint may confine the suspect as long as it is considered reasonable.

Protect the private property

Security guards can protect the protein as they have the legal authority to perform this action. No one can stop them from doing this task. When they get a license as a private guard, they can protect private properties. Moreover, they have the authority to stop anyone from doing the following activities on personal property:

  • Entering the property
  • Doing any kind of suspicious activity
  • Stop conducting an unlawful act
  • Standing in front of the property.

Anyone who continues to do such an act has the legal authority to arrest that person.

They can legally search the person

Usually, a security officer cannot search someone without their consent. Even if they believe the individual is guilty of a crime. Due to the law's protection of each person's rights, the authority to search is quite limited. Typically, only the police have the right to inspect the personal property, and even then, a warrant or authorization is required.

The security guard may search a person if they have grounds to believe they are carrying a weapon. They can even make a citizen's arrest while disarming the suspect.

Searching is also authorized when authorization has been provided by contract. For instance, when a corporation's employees sign the contracts say that they get permission to do such searches, the company may request them.